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Businesses Need a Microsoft OneDrive Backup Solution

Reliable online storage is not the same as a separate, safe, second backup copy of your important data.

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Learn how to backup Microsoft OneDrive.

Need to backup your Exchange Online email? Check out our secure email archive service for Office 365.

How does it work?


1. Sign Up

Sign up for the Jungle Disk data protection service.


2. Download

Download our cloud backup software right from the site and install on your computer.


3. Setup

Our user-friendly interface and documentation will get you set up right away.


4. Backup

Backup your OneDrive data to the Jungle Disk cloud and relax!

Questions? Our team of experts are always here to help. We’re in-tune with your small business needs, and can help you find exactly the right solution. Ask a question.

How do I protect OneDrive from ransomware?


Backup Vault Technology

Jungle Disk creates, compresses and encrypts read-only records using our Backup Vault technology.

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