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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jungle Disk differ from other online storage and backup providers?

There are a lot of online storage and backup services out there. Here’s what sets Jungle Disk apart:

Jungle Disk lets you choose how to backup your files.

Unlike other online services that restrict your backup choices, Jungle Disk lets you choose between Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3. You can even use your own Amazon S3 account. No other backup service gives you the choice between these two trusted providers.

Jungle Disk gives you enterprise-level security and unprecedented control over your data.

With Jungle Disk, you’ll enjoy AES-256 Encryption with a key that you create and control. Your data is safely encrypted before upload and while it’s stored – and you hold the only key.

No restrictions on how much you backup.

A lot of online backup services limit your storage space, but we don’t. With Jungle Disk, your storage is truly unlimited and unrestricted. Our unique pay-as-you-go model ensures that you can never outgrow the service. You can also backup external drives, network drives, and NAS devices which are typically blocked by other backup services.

Affordable pricing for secure and reliable online server storage.

With Jungle Disk, storage costs 15 cents per GB. Compare that with other business backup and secure storage providers charging $1.50 per GB or more, and Jungle Disk is a superior value with superior functionality.

Pay only for what you use.

Stop paying for storage you don’t use. Most online storage is sold on a large tiered basis, where you buy a fixed amount of storage (say, 100GB), and pay even if you aren’t using it all. And, if you need just a little more you’re forced to upgrade to yet another larger, more expensive package.

With Jungle Disk, you only pay for the exact storage you use with no tiers and no wasted space. We do include 10GB of free starter storage with each license and then you pay per GB after that.

Your data is truly your data.

Because Jungle Disk stores your data using Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3, we’re the only service that truly puts you in control of your own data.

In addition to choosing between Google and Amazon, you also create your own AES-256 encryption key, which gives you even more control. This way, your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer, and stays encrypted while stored.

Why do I need Jungle Disk? Can I just use your cloud storage providers directly?

The power of Jungle Disk is that it is designed to make it as easy as possible to use cloud storage by integrating it directly into your local file system like any other drive. The automatic backup feature also makes it easy to keep your important files securely backed up. More importantly, our block-level de-duplicating process greatly increases download efficiency and decreases storage space by only backing up files that have changed since the last backup – saving you both time and money.

What can I back up with Jungle Disk?

You can backup all of your company assets on devices such as laptops, desktops and servers. Jungle Disk also includes a network drive, sync, and web access to make it easier for your users to share their files.

What is the maximum file size that can be backed up with Jungle Disk?

There is no limit. Thanks to Jungle Disk’s advanced Backup Vault feature, you can back up anything your server can hold.

How does Jungle Disk differ from Jungle Disk Server?

Jungle Disk is designed for business desktops and supports backup, sharing, and sync. Jungle Disk Server is designed for server backup with remote management capability.

Who needs Jungle Disk Server?

Backups fail. Local disks fail. Files corrupt. Without a failsafe way to backup your data, your entire business is at risk. That’s why Jungle Disk Server is invaluable to small and medium-sized businesses or anyone with a server.

How many servers does the Jungle Disk Server Edition support?

There is no limit to the number of servers you can backup. Simply pay $10 per server per month.

What kind of reporting will I get?

The reporting system allows detailed analysis of usage based on online disks, servers, and custom time periods. Our Remote Backup Reporting feature enables you to receive backup reports via web, email, and RSS. This allows you to easily stay on top of your backups and ensure you’re notified if any errors occur.

What is the maximum amount of data I can store?

There is no limit! We have many users with multiple terabytes of data.

Is there a monthly limit to the amount of data I can transfer?

No, you can upload and download as much as your bandwidth allows.

How does Remote Management work with Jungle Disk Server?

Jungle Disk Server Edition is designed to be managed remotely from any Mac- or Windows-based computer using the Jungle Disk Server Management client.

After logging in to your Jungle Disk account, you’ll see a list of all Servers currently running Jungle Disk Server on your account. Then you can choose the server you want to manage/configure. Once you connect to a server, the Server Management interface is very similar to the normal Jungle Disk Monitor GUI. From here you can configure backups, view backup history, and more.

What are Backup Vaults?

Backup Vaults employ file compression and block-level de-duplication to reduce backup time, size, and storage costs. After the initial backup of a set of data, block-level de-duplication saves time and storage space by only backing up files that have changed since the last backup.